#weverb12 16: replicate {CREATE}

Yes, today’s the 17th, but I’m only on the #weverb prompt from the 16th. I’m working on it. I’m perpetually a day late and a dollar short, I guess.

What were you inspired to create/make this year based on something else? (i.e. a pin from pinterest, recipe from a friend, etc.)

Well, in theory, this was going to be the year of my own personal sock of the month club. Looking back at that post, I think that I have managed about 5.5 total socks from the theoretical 24. (And if I’m being completely honest, that number is actually 2 complete pairs plus halves of three other socks.)

I did make things this year: a quilt for my niece, Chloe, who is not quite a year old, and is going to be walking any minute now. A ballerina sweater for my niece, Hannah, whose mother still owes me a picture of said child wearing said sweater. Oh, there was also a dress.

I must have made other things this year, but I’m having trouble remembering. It was not a big year of making things. Time is at a premium, obviously, but the interest is still at a low, which is so strange, because I can remember what it used to feel like to HAVE TO QUILT EVERY DAY OR I WOULD GO CRAZY.

Now, I guess I’m just crazy.