Mini-quilt part 7

After a really productive Thursday, Friday was almost a complete waste.  I felt kind of yicky for part of it, and I just couldn’t make anything happen, so I spent a lot of time reading, and then we had to go get groceries and school supplies.

Yesterday, though, I got back on the horse and got the pebbling done:

The home stretch, before:

And after:

(Sorry for the weird lighting and angles.  It was dark.)

I also went for Plan B and a half on the lettering.  It’s still Plan B, in that I’m using the appliqued letters, but I ended up hating the way the hand-stitching was looking, so I ripped that out and started doing a narrow zig zag on the sewing machine:

Not that you can tell in the picture.  Again, the lighting was wonky, so it doesn’t look like much.

Today, being Sunday, I excused myself from having to work on customer quilts, so I’m just playing on my mini-quilt now.  The lettering is all done, and I’m part way through quilting.

I’m sort of moving through molasses today, though, as it is my least-favorite time of year:  Ragweed Season.  I should have been dosing myself with Flonase before now, but I haven’t, so it hasn’t taken full effect yet…and I have supplemented with some Benadryl today.  (Yes, I know there are non-drowsy antihistamines available.  No, they don’t seem to do much good for me.  But that’s OK, I like taking naps).

Part of the point of the mini-quilt was to offer myself a carrot to get through the pebbling.  The other point was to see if I could pull myself out of the non-quilting I’ve been doing.  I’ve been doing so much non-quilting, I’ve wondered if I still had the right to call myself a quilter.  The other times I’ve tried to kick-start, it was with big quilts and I couldn’t see any progress.  Working on this tiny piece has been good to get the juices flowing — I have another quilt starting to form in my head.

Back to the flag quilt.  Or another nap.


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