A new view

New specs

I am apparently super sensitive to changes in my vision and whenever I start to get a lot of headaches, it’s a pretty good bet that I need to have my eyes checked.  Sure, enough, my eye doctor agreed with me, and today I finally got my new glasses.

I honestly did try to consider other colors, but these red ones just kept calling my name.  And the little bit of bling?  Perfect.  They also have matching magnetic clip-on sunglasses.  I’ll probably lose those in about 5 minutes from now, but I hope not, as my other prescription sunglasses (that are…several prescriptions old…) have gone missing…

My old frames were much thinner on the sides, and so now I’m having to readjust to seeing the thicker frames in my peripheral vision.  Weird.

Hopefully the new specs will help with readjusting my view of the world.  Right now, I need a vacation.  Good thing I’ve got one coming up next week.

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