New adventure #1


Two new adventures getting started around here.  One of them started yesterday with this arrival of a package from New Zealand.

Any guesses as to what it might be?  Some of you will know, as I posted about it on MQResource several weeks ago.  Did I post about it here?  I can’t remember, I think I’ve lost some brain cells somewhere recently.

I won’t make you keep waiting, I’ll just show you what it is, after assembly:


That, my friends, is a circular sock knitting machine.  It’s a brand-new one, a New Zealand Auto Knitter aka NZAK.

I’m not friends with it.  But we’ll come to an agreement.  It might require some bad words and some gnashing of teeth, but it’ll eventually come around and see things my way.

I’ve got another, even bigger adventure starting tomorrow, more about that…tomorrow?



  1. Xina says:

    Wow….that is cool lookin’! Sooo….is it a new one or is it an antique? I can’t tell. Can’t wait to see what you can produce out of it….try to cut down on the bad words…not good for your blood pressure. *smile*

  2. LindaKs says:

    Hey… maybe I should order one of those. That would sure be the ONLY way I would ever have socks made by ME! heehee
    Enjoy. It’s really pretty.

  3. Gabe says:

    You are sooo going to love it…
    I have had mine for a few months,
    and after the initial swearing (which I never did before)
    temper tantrums, and depression,
    I have made around 100 pairs already, and it has turned into an ADDICTION…

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