Feeling like Goldilocks

Just once, I’d like for things to go according to plan.

Like today, for instance.  I needed to arrive at the shop early enough to finish up some packages and take them to the Post Office, before I open the doors at 10.

That included printing a couple copies of my books.  I didn’t get them printed last night because the toner cartridge I had just installed was leaving spots on the edge of the page, and I wasn’t able to fuss around with at the time.

Mind you, the toner cartridge I was replacing was leaving faint black lines on the pages, so it wasn’t like I could just throw that one back in.

My recent toner shipment had included 3 black toner cartridges, so I thought I’d just stick another new one in, get the stuff printed, and then deal with replacing the 2 bad cartridges later.


You see where this is going?

The replacement replacement had a big ole strip of NOTHING down the right side of the page.

This one leaves spots.

This one leaves stripes.

This one leaves blanks.

Thankfully (for my sanity) the FINAL new one I installed is Just Right.

I’m actually quite surprised, I’ve been using toner from this particular company for some time now, and this is only the 2nd?  3rd? (ok, 3rd, 4th, and 5th) times I’ve gotten a defective cartridge from them.  As you can imagine, I’ll be calling in a bit to see about getting replacements.  But that means I’ll have to package up the bad ones and take THOSE to the post office, and all I really want to do right now is QUILT.