1.  I’m surprised by how many hits I get on this blog from people who have searched for Western Salad Dressing.  Seriously.  At least once a day if not more.  I feel like I ought to be posting more recipes using it to provide a useful service to the community of folks who are searching for it.  Hey — I might have to post our family’s secret dip that uses Western dressing…it’s a recipe my Mom’s side of the family MUST have at every family gathering.  My husband and children thinks it’s gross.

2.  I have ladies coming Wednesday morning to learn to knit.  THey are making felted bags, and of course I have to be making a new one along with them.  I started with a brown base for the bag (purely because it was  skein of yarn that had been wound into a ball as an example when we get the ball winder and had to test it).  I totally horked up a skein of pink last week, so after I untangled it, I decided to use it with the brown.  I was going to just do brown and pink stripes, but now that I have one brown and one pink stripe done, I think I might need to add in cream stripes, too.

3.  On the way home, I saw a man walking a Beagle puppy.  OMG.  I want a Beagle puppy.

4.  I don’t seem to have a concussion, but I do have a sore spot from my head injury.  And my sister-in-law can attest that you can actually see the mark where I whacked myself.  My guardian angel works overtime.  One of these days I’m going to hurt myself very badly, purely out of clumsiness.

5.  I haven’t talked about digital scrapbooking in awhile (because I haven’t been doing any…imagine that…) but coming up here soon is an opportunity that you should think about if you have any interest in the subject at all.  The classes I’ve taken in the past have been with Jessica Sprague — and starting on the 9th she is offering a free class called Stories in Hand.  For all of the info, you can visit her website:  http://www.jessicasprague.com/ — the details are on the home page.  You do NOT have to be a digital scrapbooker to do this class, the class is about developing a way to capture the stories you want to record and remember, whether you are a scrapbooker or not.

6.  I have to work on feeding my boys.  Those three boys.  They think they need to be fed every single day.

Later –