Day 1: Today I learned…

Taking a new online journaling/scrapbooking class led by Shimelle (Learn Something New Everyday)

September 1, 2008

Today I learned that after having not even turned my computer on for a day, when I checked my e-mail yesterday, I really hadn’t missed anything.

For what I’m doing for the class, that was the extent of what I was supposed to do.  But I got to thinking about that some more and…you know how that goes, right?

At first I was a little grumpy when I turned on my computer yesterday and fired up the old e-mail program and discovered that while there were a few good things, most of it was junk.  And I’m sure all of you know exactly what kind of junk I’m referring to, because you probably get more than your fair share of it too.

I was grumpy because I figured there ought to be more interesting e-mails from friends and relations.  As I continued to be grumpy about that, I realized that yet again, my reaction said more about ME than it ever says about anyone that might send an e-mail to me.

I’ve been having this conversation since I was in high school.

No one ever calls me.

Yes, well, YOU could call THEM.

Huh.  Perhaps the reason my Inbox is lacking in interesting e-mails from people I like is because *I* don’t send *THEM* interesting e-mails to begin with?

So there, I learned something yesterday, something even a little different than the lesson I had thought I had learned.  Too bad it’s a lesson I should have already learned by now.

Can’t wait to find out what I’ll learn today.