More blasts from the stash

Suzy Q. Homemaker here, reporting in. The stash hasn’t drowned me yet. It’s making a valiant effort.

I cleaned the refrigerator (yikes!) and had the boys help me clean the fronts of all of the kitchen cabinets (double yikes!). They had gotten in trouble, so they were my slaves for awhile.

One kid was clutching his red watery eye because he had gotten punched. The other one didn’t mean to punch him in the eye, he was aiming for a tap on the nose.

When asked why: He-who-punches-in-the-face claimed it was because he had been hit by a toy.

The boy-who-hit-with-a-toy “didn’t know” why he did this.

Yeah, I don’t know either. You are both my slaves now.

It is SO totally time for school to start.

In addition to the kitchen cleaning fun, I spent more quality time folding and sorting and even doing some cutting of fabric into strips and squares. The best part was finding fabric that was intended for bindings but had gotten lots into the general mess.

A few of you had great ideas for how I might make use of the vest I posted last night. Obviously everyone’s taste is different — mine has certainly changed over the years. Don’t know what I’m going to do with it, it’s still hanging on the design wall laughing at me.

Before I got started with this, these shelves were more than half empty. Fabric was everywhere: in bins, in piles in my studio, on the floor……..


I’m not sure how much foldable fabric I have yet in my stash. Mostly, it’s in bits and pieces that needs to be sorted and cut into usable shapes.

I have bins for 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3.5 in strips. The dark/medium bins are overflowing. The light bins are much slimmer. No photos, suffice it to say there is enough fabric in those bins for countless quilts.

How about this for a scary picture: the leaning tower of UFOs. This is only some of the ones that are either ready to quilt or are partially quilted or need to have the binding finished:


And last, but not least: another project that I uncovered that I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I started it. Don’t get me wrong, this one doesn’t bother me, I just need to contemplate what to do with it. I think it’s only about 24 inches square. I remember it being a lot of piecing and quite a challenge for me at the time. It’s been….7-8 years maybe? After looking it at as a photograph, I’m wondering about using it as a center, adding some borders and making it into a QOV.


My mother reminded me this afternoon that we ought to be working on a quilt for my cousin that’s getting married in October. What a concept, start now, and have plenty of time to finish it! (Although, we are actually contemplating using something I’ve already made, or possibly making use of one of the existing UFOs….). She also reminded me that this cousin’s sister deserves a quilt someday (she’s only been married for what, 9 years?), plus both cousins have 6 month old babies that haven’t gotten quilts from us yet. Good thing I have plenty of fabric around here. Oh, and my niece has moved from a twin to a queen and the quilt I made her a few years ago is too small, so I’m going to make her a new quilt this fall, too.

Sheesh, what am I doing here at the computer? I’ve got quilts to make….but first I need to go do the dishes and then head back to the studio. My back and legs are a little tired from all of the standing and hard work, so I’m probably going to spend the evening working on some of those bindings I uncovered….


Suzy-Q Homemaker


  1. Terri Watson says:

    School starts soon. Sing it with me “It’s the most wonderfulllllll time of the yeeeear……”

  2. Beth says:

    School started here MONDAY! Don’t shoot the messenger…

    I was so ready to get rid of him for awhile. Preschool starts next week so I will not know what to do for 9 hours a week!

    So envious of your stash…maybe it’ll be me stacking up ufo’s one day.

  3. sheena says:

    hello, new to this blog stuff. saw your starry quilt, you said it was small, turn it into one of those baby quilts you need to make, by getting the baby pic, with the ligther center, put it on, decorate the lighter center with a saying, “baby you are my shining star” it would be really different, maybe even put the birth date. thats what came to mind when i first saw it.hey, i am deargina’s brothers’ wife. i am just getting into this blogging and it is fun to say the least. so educational, witty and i like spent my whole day at this yesterday. keep going on the clean up, great job! check out my blog, by going to deargina, you will find me under To Be Continued….that’s the only way i know how to get there, besides my favorites. have a wonderful day, its saturday, how are the boys today. i have 3 boys, 18(in the army in iraq) 17 loves skateboarding,15 plays bass guitar, jazz guitar & reg accoustic/electric guitar. he also plays tuba, trombone and bass trombone. (just a little info for ya)

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