Harry Potter

I’m home from a great weekend of teaching in Wisconsin — and am deep into the newest Harry Potter.  I have to get up early-ish, so I’m probably going to have to close the book up soon and finish reading tomorrow….

More tomorrow!



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  1. Suzanne's mother (Mary Ann) says:

    I told your boys that I thought you’d have the book finished by Monday at the latest. They said no, that you were reading something else and would be finishing that book first. Evidently they don’t really know just how fast a reader you are or the extent of the Harry Potter obsession! Joe read Sunday funny papers at my house. I asked him his favorite and he said it was Dilbert. I asked him if always understood the Dilbert comic and of course he said yes. Isn’t Dilbert also one of is dad’s favorites?

  2. bearcreekquilter says:

    Ok I am at page 350 or so, but I still have to do some work this week so I must budget my reading time. So no spilling the beans.
    I am glad that the teaching weekend went well. I can’t wait for September when you come to Minnesota to teach.

  3. Patti says:

    Well, I’ve just finished my second reading. like you I devoured it as quickly as I could because I just had to know what happened! My son-in-law has all the audio books, so I listened to the first 6 again before I read this one. Sewing to Harry is the greatest!

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