Salt Creek Quilt Co.

Salt Creek Quilt Company is my design business. I have self-published two books of machine quilting designs, and have others in progress.

There’s not much to see at the SCQC website right now, but coming soon you’ll find more info about the my books, as well as photo galleries of quilts from the books.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my books, you can visit Knots & Bolts.



  1. Harriet Bruner says:

    I purchased your two books soon after getting my machine.I live in Ontario,Canada and we do not have many resources to help us.I cannot tell you how much your books helped me to get started and I use them all the time.The directions are so easy to follow for beginners .I have never done the whole quilt meander but use the method around blocks I have put circles or other designs in.
    I hope you soon have another book.I only quilt for myself and my family of quilters and find most books are all about show quilts.I like that your designs can be easy or elaborate.
    Thank you for all the help.
    Harriet bruner

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