Feather Boot Camp — Week Two — Shape Guidelines

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Please remember that all of the videos included were filmed several years ago.

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In this lesson, we are going to talk about the shape of feathers, not just rhythm and pattern.

As a reminder, spending so much time focused on the rhythm/pattern is meant to train your brain, so making these feathers is second nature — you’ll be able to make them without thinking, and can move on to refining the shape.

On to the lesson materials:


Watch the videos:

(I mention a bonus video in which I demo trying to draw feathers from top to bottom. My notes say that I ended up not doing an actual video nor can I find the photo that my notes refer to. :/)


PDF Week 2 Drawing Lesson Presentation

PDF Week 2 Drawing Lesson Handout

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Time to assess your feather drawing — here’s a PDF checklist you can follow!

PDF Week 2 Self Check


Time for another stitching video. I used my tripod for this video, and right at the start (when it starts stitching), the location of the camera in relation to the stitching is…not great…but I promise that that only lasts for a short time — it’s worth it to have the camera steadier. Also, at 2:48 the sounds goes really strange for about 10 seconds — I wasn’t saying anything, so you don’t miss anything, but I wanted to warn you to not to be worried that it’s going to pop your eardrums or anything.


Download the stitching task list handout, don’t forget to breathe, and try to remember that this is supposed to be FUN.

PDF Week 2 Stitching Lesson Task List

I don’t have a checklist for your stitching this week, but I suggest taking a few minutes to think about how things are going. What are you having trouble with? Something specific? All of it? Go back to the videos and back to your paper and draw it out and then draw some more.

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