Hobbes was supervising while I did some brainstorming for my #100DaysofModernEmbroidery project.

What is “modern embroidery” — what makes something “modern”? Is it the style? The sentiment, the attitude, the materials? Something that isn’t quite definable?

History — as it relates to me as well as just the history of embroidery in general.

Stitches — I want to create my own stitch library. I have some ideas about how to do that.

Materials — I need to inventory and organize what I own. I am a former cross stitcher, so I have lots of stuff. I’m also wanting to investigate what else is out there.

Makers and designers — I’ve already started connecting with people on Instagram, I want to continue to do that and maybe do features of some sort? Not sure where that’s going. Looking for inspiration.

Designs — what’s out there, what do I want to make, what do I want to create.

How am I sharing this project? Just on IG? Here on my blog, too? My paper sketchbook is going to be the main place, but I always love to get technology involved. Not sure how that’s all going to shake out. Needs to be sustainable.

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