September 7, 2011

There are parts of my job that are an awful lot like doing the laundry. For example: dealing with attendance — it keeps piling up, and no matter how much of it I do, there continues to be more. Sick kids, kids out to appointments, kids skipping school, or specific classes or…

There are also things that get done and stay done, which is satisfying. I can look back and know that I accomplished something. Even if it took me 3 hours and I was interrupted 30 times. I found out today that I’m in charge of balloting for Homecoming King and Queen — and *I* am the only one that will know the final outcome, before it gets announced.

Will and Joe have their first football game today. I don’t know that they’ll play much, as there is just one “full” game schedule, which will mostly be 8th graders, followed by an extra quarter, that the 7th graders will get to play. Just like the high school team, though, the JH football team gets breakfast in the morning, served by parents, at one of the local churches. And they’ll get to wear their jerseys at school tomorrow, so they can show off! I’ve got my brand-new red shirt set out, so I’m all ready with my school colors! I keep telling them to get themselves ready the night before, I guess I’d better practice what I preach!

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