September 6, 2011

I asked Kathy, the woman who is training me, how to do something, and she said “We’ll have to talk about that tomorrow, it’s time to go.”

I looked at the clock and did a double-take: it was after 4. If nothing else, working at school is not boring.

At about 3PM, she and I both went digging for headache relief: thankfully, she had some. My giant bottle of Excedrin was still sitting on the counter at home. Some days, I’m going to need it, I’m afraid. Every time I turn around, I find out about a different task that belongs to me. I’ll probably have everything figured out in about…2 years? I can’t even think of specific examples from today, it’s all just a mush.

My day got off to a rocky start with a not-so-great run. I’m not sure what the problem was, my legs just didn’t really think that running for 10 minutes at a time was a good idea. I did it, though, no matter what my traitorous legs thought.

I have started running again at least partially because I want to try to do the Race for the Cure again in October. Last year, I ended up mostly walking it: this year, I’m going to run, as much as I can.

And today, I got unexpected and exciting news: I was one of the top 100 fundraisers last year. I’m on the Pink Honor Roll! I’m excited, but I know that this is only possible because of the many friends that supported me last year.

Being on the Pink Honor Roll comes with some unexpected perks — including a special t-shirt and breakfast that morning. As you can imagine, I’m now even more motivated to run again, and, as time moves on, I’ll be trying to fundraise again. Not quite yet, as I’m waiting for some further information before I finish my registration.

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