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2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge
Suzanne hasread 58 books toward her goal of 100 books.



I have a million and one things I ought to be doing (like finally cleaning up my studio…or the laundry..or something fun like that…), but all I’ve really wanted to do this summer is read. I think it’s partly because I made the choice to start keeping tracking of what I’m reading on Goodreads, and I crazily said that I wanted to try to read 100 books in 2011. I filled in the books I could remember having read during the first half of the year, and I was, sadly, quite short of where I needed to be in order to stay on track and actually finish 100 books in a single year.  I can be kind of competitive (with myself), and it bothered me not to be on schedule, so naturally I had to read and read and read. Bummer.

Don’t worry, I’m on track now, and have slowed down a little bit, but not much.  It’s just too hot for me to want to do anything else, and yes, I know I’m a whiny baby when it comes to the weather, I don’t like the cold anymore than I like the hot. And after my sanding experiences the other day, my body, including my poor hands are still kind of achy/sore and knitting is actually uncomfortable, so…what else can I do, but read!

Right now, I’m reading an older fantasy novel called Green Rider by Kristen Britain. I’m reading it on my Nook, and it’s even a book that I was able to check out from my library! The e-book selection that my library has access to is a little thin on stuff I am actually interested in, so it was exciting to find something that I did want to read.

So far, my only Goodreads “friends” are actually relatives. It’s interesting to look at what they are reading, but my Mom reads weird books, and I’m not tempted by much of what she likes.  My sister and I share similar interests in books, though, and my to-read list keeps getting longer every time she adds something.

I’ve added a sidebar widget thingie that shows my recent reads — I’d love to connect with other Goodreads members, although I have to warn you that my taste runs more towards Science Fiction/Fantasy than anything else.  Here’s a link to my Goodreads Profile:  Suzanne Earley — come be my friend!

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    weird books? Thanks for the compliment actually. You read fantasy books which I think are strange for the most part

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