Fabric Inspector

One of the garbage bags full of scraps has been tipped over and oozing scraps on the floor of my fabric closet for some time.  Normally it’s well contained, but someone, who shall remain nameless, thinks it’s extremely fun to slip and slide and scoot and pounce around in the scraps.

Mark says the young scoundrel is trying to pick out the fabric he wants me to use to make him a quilt.  I’m not sure he’s quite that discerning.  Yet…  I’ve heard that cats can be quite opinionated when it comes to fabric inspections.

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  1. floribunda says:

    what an expression on that kitten’s face! I did a lot of dressmaking when I was in college and one of the cats would come running down the hall and slide on my tissue patterns all the way across my room… this reminded me of it.

  2. Becky says:

    I had to laugh because the kitten has the look of “I’m so NOT guilty.” Really really cute.

  3. Deb Levy says:

    That look says “who Me??” Yep…Mark is right, he’s trying to get “someone” to make him his own quilt 🙂

    Miles is just adorable!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Uh Huh! Blame the poor little kitty. He’s just HELPING. Enjoy him while he’s little. Like little boys, they grow so quickly.

  5. Beth in AZ says:

    Awww..come ON Mom! Can’t a boy just have a little FUN??? Gotta love that expression! I use that “someone who will remain nameless’ phrase too. the 2 footed men in my house know to deny EVERYTHING. The 4 footed men get that same expression…who ME? No! not ME!!

  6. Tammie says:

    How adorable is he? Kitties LOVE to get into things … just wait ’til Christmas – he’ll be all over that tree! 🙂

  7. shirley bruner says:

    poor Miles….he is going to be blamed for everything now….just cause he’s the new kid on the block. just look at that face. i think he’s saying…..that dog did it…..that big brown dog…..he did it…..i saw him…..i told him not to.

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