Boiled down to six words.

Sellers need to fix title soon!


Six word memoirs are kind of  thing. A blog I was reading the other day had it as one of her weekly writing prompts, and I decided to see if I could condense the story of Mom’s ongoing moving fiasco into 6 little words.  While those 6 words don’t give much detail: that is certainly the essence.  Except maybe with more swearing. I was planning to unpack and give more detail, I’ve realized I’m still too annoyed to talk about it without the swearing, and while a little goes a long way, every other word would be bad, and I don’t want to offend.  Here’s a picture of Miles and Katie, instead.

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  1. David S. (Suzanne's brother) says:

    (Suzanne’s mother, not her brother commenting)
    what’s the matter with those people? Don’t they want to sell that house? Have they done nothing?

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