Fun stuff

I don’t know what’s more fun:

The new haircut, the new glasses, the blingy cell phone cover or the case my new glasses came in.

(I have a cold and that was about my 6th try for a picture.  I gave up and hoped one of them was good enough…)

The glasses are Japanese.  Made in China, of course, but designed in Japan.  This case is so cool that I might actually be responsible and use it for like…the first 5 minutes.  Sheesh.

But look more closely at the glasses:

I know, it’s not a great picture, but look at how awesome they are!

Joe said  “No offense, but I liked the other ones better.”

I have clearly not done my duty in training my children, their future wives will hate me if I don’t do something to correct this.  Obviously his answer, when asked what he thought,  should have been “Those look great Mom, you are beautiful.  I love you.”  And then he should have followed it with a kiss.  Right?

Unfortunately, I’m battling genetics here:  I’m going to be lucky if Mark even NOTiCES that I got my new glasses today.



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  1. TerriW says:

    Lucky you to find glasses you like! I spent an hour trying on frames today (new prescript) and I can’t find any…from previous experience I know I will try on hundreds of frames and eventually settle for one I don’t hate…ugh.
    Terrific pic of you, btw!


  2. Tammie R says:

    Wow! I love it all! Very cool glasses! And you look great in them. I like all your “other” stuff too. I love new stuff!

    I’m with you, Terri – I have glasses, but I’m not THRILLED with them.

  3. Becky Purcell says:

    I love the glasses!! I am so picky with the frames I pick because I have to wear them ALL the time! Totally blind if I don’t have them on my face…so I better like what I get. My problem is I can’t see to pick them out because I don’t have my glasses on!1 I always take a REALLY good friend with me to pick…someone who knows me very well. I love yours!!

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