Counting Down: 25 Days

25 Days until I Race for the Cure. (I still have a long way to go on my fundraising goal, if you can help, here’s my personal fundraising page. If you CAN help, I’ll be eternally grateful).

Today’s run/walk: 2.3 miles total, .75 running. I’m using a dailymile to track my run/walks — they use Google Maps and let you zoom in and trace out your route on the map. It’s pretty cool. Today, I walked out to my furthest point, and then ran part way back. I’ve been walking for about 5 minutes, and then running, and then having to walk back — that last part seemed to go awfully slow. Today’s effort wasn’t too bad. My lower legs still don’t know what to make of this crap, but they don’t start hurting as soon, and they stop hurting sooner, so I figure that’s a good sign.

Last night was another South Pacific rehearsal. Those are going pretty well — there is a lot of talent, and in some cases, what they lack in talent, they make up for with enthusiasm. They are also quite silly. Quite. Silly. Oh my.

One night, it was a handful of young men, with one girl, plus the director and myself. One of the guys came in wearing just a pair of shorts — he’d been at a pep rally, and had been covered in whipped cream. (By his mother… But that’s beside the point).

THe point is, that the OTHER young men all decided they didn’t want whipped cream boy to feel awkward, so they decided to have Shirtless Rehearsal.

And they did.

Like I said, silly.

They are still blocking, and learning lines and stopping and starting a lot — which means a lot of hurry up and wait time for me. As a result:
Lots of knitting time while I wait.

And now, it’s time, once again, for me to quit mucking around and get some more quilting done. Unlike yesterday, though, I have a pretty picture to share, with some progress:



  1. Mary Ann says:

    is that pattern the Irish hiking scarf? I started it one time, nice cables. I liked the pattern, I just abandoned it for another pattern

  2. David S. says:

    I can’t seem to find the course map on the website, I’m sure they will have water points… but I wanted to say that my advice is that a really good strategy, especially for a beginning runner, is to at least walk through the water points. And that it is best to practice this as well during your training. You’ll probably find yourself walking at other points too, but if you can work up to just walking through the water points, that’s a pretty good first goal. Save running the whole thing for your next race, or the one after that.

    I used this strategy for my race in DC a week or so ago, since I only had really trained for six weeks prior to the event and my longest training run was less than half the race distance. Walking for the 20 seconds it takes you to get through the water point is a nice break and you’ll be amazed at how much it does to ease out the cramps and tweaks you build up between (plus you don’t spill your water all over yourself!). No shame in walking, the point is to get out there and do it! I’m very proud of you! 🙂

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