June 10, A Treasure Trove

I’m going to spare you a picture of myself today, in part because I’ve got some pretty nasty looking allergy eyes going on, thanks in part to 3 baseball games in the wind yesterday.  Another reason is that I have something better, I have pictures of my Grandma:

That’s my Grandma on the right, her mother in the center, and her sister on the left.  But I bet you could probably guess which one was my Grandma.  Mark saw this picture and after I told him it was my Grandma he said “It looks like you!”

My Dad has sent me a number of boxes (um, 16 boxes, I think?) of things to store for him, and the latest included some family treasures.  I remember the above picture, but I don’t remember ever seeing these:

My Grandma in her wedding dress.  *Swoon*

Look at that flawless skin!

See?  I told you, well-endowed women look good in scoop necks.  Of course, it also helps if you’ve got a waist that looks like that.


There are more photos and documents — my Grandma’s high school Biology notebook (from 1944/1945)!  A big treasure that I’m going to look forward to spending time exploring.

The other reason why there are no pictures of me for your enjoyment?  My camera battery is dead, and I can’t remember where the charger is.  I’m afraid it’s buried under a pile.  It’s here somewhere.  At least I no longer have to wonder if things are lost HERE or if they are lost AT THE SHOP.

Oh!  I just remembered where the charger is, and it isn’t even covered by stuff.  So, tomorrow, back to the scheduled month of self-portraits.  In the meantime, I have some grocery shopping to do.  Thrilling.

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  1. Deb says:

    You don’t remember those pictures of Grandma in her wedding gown? Yeah, I remember that body and that dress really well.

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