Where did the day go?

I’m not sure how it got to be 10 PM.  I think I did things today, but I’m not really sure what.  No quilting, that’s for sure, unless you count thinking about quilting.  Or writing about quilting.  I spent part of the afternoon staring at the rough draft for the book about freehand feathers that I’ve been working on for the past, um, 2 years.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to finish this.  I did my first book in about 6 weeks!  Of course, I pretty much lived and breathed it for 6 weeks, and I’ve got a lot more on my plate these days.

Like…taking the boys shopping for pants.  There ought to be a law about that.

The band director is taking the 5th and 6th graders to the symphony in 2 weeks.  The conductor came and talked to the kids, which was kind of cool.  He explained how things work, talked about the music the orchestra will be playing, that sort of thing.

We got a note the other day about the trip:  the director wants the kids to dress up a bit.  No jeans.  Dang.  In our house, the jeans ARE the nice clothes.  (The boys haven’t figured out the joy of a well-worn pair of jeans.  They are stuck on the stiff-newness of the ones they’ve got…)

They informed me that Ms. Carlson said they could wear khakis, only they kept saying it cocky.

I kept correcting them until I realized (duh) that they were doing it on purpose.

So…I took them to GameStop tonight, followed by McDonald’s (and I snuck in a trip to the music store…), and then we hit Kohl’s.  I had them trying on black khakis, and not liking the fit (the 12s were snug, the 14s were tooooo big, and I wanted to buy something that was biggish, so they’d last for next year, but not so big that they looked like they were wearing Dad’s pants…)

In and out of pants we go until someone says, “Why don’t we just wear our band concert pants.”


Turns out, they already  HAVE BLACK PANTS.  I had completely forgotten.   They are denim, but they are black.  (Shaun White jeans, as a matter of fact, aren’t I cool?).

Not only am I losing track of time, I’m losing my mind.

And please, no smart alecks saying “But did you ever have it?”  Because duh, of course I didn’t.

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