I’m finally caught up on mailing out shop orders, and am mostly recovered (however, the pressure in my ears suggests a possible ear infection, so I’ll be letting the Dr. peek in my ears tomorrow…ugh…). We were able to get a lot accomplished this weekend: quilts off the walls, yarn moved home, extraneous furniture hauled over to the auction house), and some fabric moved home.

The shop is looking empty and my studio is looking…well..chaotic. It will continue to be a half-baked, messy work in progress until everything gets moved home, partly because I can’t put everything away until more of the shelves and cabinets come home.

And yes, if I’m completely honest,  even once everything’s in, it’ll be a messy work in progress…


The longarm will stick out into the middle of the room, just like it did before, with one end up against the bay window.

The shelving on the north wall is new, I’m not entirely sure what will live there, but right now, a stack of quilts waiting for binding is taking up space:


There used to be a couch on the wall where the sewing machine table is sitting.  That had to go, no room for anything extraneous like that.  Right now, some wire cubes are sitting there, but in the future a cabinet with doors will be occupying part of that space.

Everybody keeps asking me where everything is going to go when it moves back home, and the honest answer has been “I’m not entirely sure.”

That’s still my answer, because, I still don’t know how it’s all going to work.  I do know that I finally have a use for the big tub in the bathroom that no one every uses anymore:


Garbage bags full of yarn fill it up quite nicely.  Don’t worry, though, I don’t intend to keep them there permanently.  I don’t really want to have product that’s for sale in my bathroom…I’ll stick to my personal stash living in there…


  1. Dara says:

    LOL!! Tub o’ yarn!!! Any sock yarn in there? I am really intrigued by all these people knitting socks. Do you give private lessons?? 😉

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