No whining today

The boys are in school, the sun is shining, and the roads are snow covered, but driveable.

And!  Best of all!  I went to pick out a new carpet and…the new carpet is in stock and will be delivered next week.

You may or not find my carpet saga interesting, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway:

Mark and I went to the carpet/furniture place Saturday morning.  We found a carpet we liked (carpet A), but it was a little more expensive, so we kept looking.  We found carpet B, but when we looked at a larger sample, decided that it was too solid, we really wanted something that was lighter and more flecked with other colors.

We finally found carpet C, which is what we ordered.  It was tone-on-tone blue, but flecked with green and had fibers of different textures:   some twist, some a straight “plush”.  We took the carpet sample to the hardware store to pick out a paint color.  I took the potential paint chips to the shop to have my Mom help me pick.  They all looked the same to Mark…

We bought the paint (Greyberry) and were back home within an HOUR of when we left the house.

I told Mark how lucky he was, someone else might have agonized over paint and carpet choices for days or weeks or months.

The carpet officially got ordered Monday, and then Tuesday afternoon I got the phone call, telling me of the delay.  I was worried about finding a carpet that would still go with the paint we’d picked out because…the painting is already finished…

I went back in this morning, with Mark’s permission to possibly order that more expensive carpet (carpet A, our original first choice…).  Turns out, that it actually looks IDENTICAL to carpet C.  It’s just thicker: has more yarn.


While I was waiting, they called to check status, and sure enough, it’s in stock.  And the best part?  She’s going to let me have it for the same price as the carpet I’d originally ordered.

I’m feeling pretty lucky, right now.  I can’t decide if that means I destined for good luck the rest of the day, or if I’ve just used all of my luck up for the day.

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  1. Deb says:

    Awesome. And hilarious. I can’t believe that we are snowed in with a blizzard and YOU PEOPLE have the sun out shining.

  2. Vicki W says:

    Wow, that’s a great customer service story! We are in the process of recarpeting all of our upstairs rooms, except the bathrooms which are getting new, fancy vinyl – I can’t take cold tile floors in my bathrooms….and I’m cheap! I can’t wait though. Some of the carpet is 20+ years old and the rest of the floors are 12. They look their age too.

  3. Beth says:

    Where did you go? I live in Tama and we are having some carpet issues ourselves they keep backordering it!! And we too painted to match the carpet!! AND bought new chairs!! So I am whining today!! But I have to agree I love the sunshine!!

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