Couldn’t say no to these

I just finished a project (and am in the midst of two other projects) that I kind of wished I’d said no to.  But this, I couldn’t refuse:


41 hand pieced Dresden plates, all of the raw edges are turned under and hand-basted.

They appear to be VERY flat, and in EXCELLENT condition.

The woman that brought them to me is cleaning out her mother-in-law’s home, and has no idea of the history.  She doesn’t know if her MIL made them, or someone else made them.

She GAVE them to me.  They are now MINE to do with what I will.

Yes, I know.  I have more than enough of my own UFOs, without taking on this one, and if they weren’t in such beautiful condition, both in terms of the workmanship and the stat eof the fabric itself, I’d probably not be excited about them.

It’s crazy to think about the woman that made these — why didn’t she ever do anything more with them?  Why are all the hand-basted, but not attached to something else?  What was her plan for them?

I literally got these about 15 minutes ago, and already I’ve got plans…oh, yes, have I got plans…


  1. Xina says:

    Niiiiice!!! I have complete faith in you that you will come up with an idea. I’m still working on my Grandmothers Flower Garden…hopefully I will FINISH it and not leave them for my DIL to give them to someone else! 🙂

  2. Vicki W says:

    It would have been illegal to turn those down! The quilt police would have jailed you and charged you a huge fine. They are beautiful and you will do something amazing with them!

  3. Freda Henderson says:

    I have a big bag ful of double wedding ring arcs all hand pieced by my grandmother I need to do something with. They aren’t in quiet as good shape as your new gift. Enjoy them.

  4. Mary says:

    Wow, I’m so jealous – they’re beautiful.

    Best of luck with the move back home. There are days that I wonder about being home all the time but the flexibility suits my odd ball schedule best. The best of both worlds might be a building that has both a storefront and living space upstairs. I call them Monopoly buildings and told Keith one day I want us to buy one. Maybe our next move.

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