Cocoa, an update

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If you come visit my house and sit down, you have to be prepared to have a big brown dog set her big brown head on your lap.  And then she’ll stand there for absolutely as long as you can possibly bear to continue petting her head.

She sleeps in our room, and many nights she’ll try to join us in bed.  Mark will go sit in HER chair, which usually gets her interest, so she hops down and joins him.

Last night she was sitting on the floor looking at us, and I said something to him about the big brown dog staring at him.

“If you don’t make eye contact with her, she eventually goes away.”

Sure enough, she wandered away after a few minutes.

Sometimes we do let her climb in bed with us, but never if we actually expect to sleep.  If she isn’t being petted, she wants to know why not and does her darndest to get our attention, up to and including making use of a really big wet sloppy tongue.  And then, when she is getting petted, the big tail starts thumping.

Most of the time, though, she is one of the calmest dogs I’ve ever known, and since she’s such a big girl, that is something I’m grateful for.  She seems to have fit into our family quite nicely, and even Katie, who might pretend otherwise, seems to like having her around.


  1. Randi says:

    I was actually wondering about her the other day. Glad to see the update. Labs are wonderful dogs. Glad she landed in your family.

  2. Tina C. says:

    I have a chocolate lab named Cleo. She’ll be 7 in a couple of weeks. She was really sick (like she was poisoned or having seizeres) but now she’s almost back to normal. Normal means constantly staring at me for a. attention, b. food, c. a treat (look how cute I am, mom!), d. attention AND food. I’m glad she’s feeling better but it’s hard to tell her to stop looking at me like that!!! Cleo can stare for a long time, especially if you’re eating microwave popcorn!

  3. Denby Smith says:

    Hello, just a note about the dog having siezures. Dogs chew plants that can do that. Wisteria will cause siezures. Some house plants also. Might want to check a list and look around where the dog was to rule it out.

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