They made me play baseball tonight

And I’m going to have a pair of ball-shaped bruises, one each leg, to prove it.

And by “play baseball” I mean act as catcher during batting practice. Mark pitches, one boy bats, the other plays outfield.

And by “act as catcher” I mean stand as far away from the plate as I can, and let the balls hit the backstop before I grab them. Clearly I wasn’t very good, vis-a-vis the aforementioned matching bruises.

I’ve long accepted that I’m afraid of the ball. Damn thing HURTS when it hits you, seems like a pretty reasonable fear.

Baseball practice was a follow-up to a wienie roast (with smores for dessert). Yum.


  1. Suzanne says:


    You be careful, Adam. This is a family friendly blog, and that post was truly written innocently.

    Though, rereading it, I can see where you might find innuendo.


    *also blushes*

  2. tracey petersen says:

    I hope you were wearing proective gear. You know – a helmet, gloves and other general padding.

    Although in light of the previous comments this too sounds so wrong…

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