I’ve gotten some great responses about list-making.  I’m still processing how I’m going to add the list-making habit to my repertoire.  The photo-taking habit seems to be going well, so I ought to be able to add something.

I used to tell me that commenter number 7 is the lucky recipient of my extra postcard — Kathy W, that’s you!  I’ll send you an e-mail, I need your mailing address.

I just got back from watching 4th graders play basketball.  We thought it was going to just be a scrimmage, maybe 2 half-court games at once, short games, etc.  Oh no.  Full court, 40 minute games.  I sat through half of one game (of two teams that weren’t my own), and then watched my guys play back to back games.

And then I left.  They have a break, then will play a 3rd game.  I could not sit for another 1.5 hours in the bleachers knitting, surrounded by little kids who  were invading my personal space.

It’s left me very crabby, and I shouldn’t post much when I’m so crabby, so I’ll babble at you later.

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