Computers are cool

I know.  Last week I was bemoaning about how UNCOOL computers are.  But today, I just did something cool and geeky and fun, and it makes me like computers again.  For the moment.


Of course, I couldn’t let my brother-in-law have something cooler than me, so I had to go do my own.  I suspect that his handwriting is nicer than mine, but don’t tell him I said that.

To get your OWN handwriting font, you have to go to and follow the instructions.  You have to print a form that you write your letters on, scan it, upload it to their website, and then in just a few minutes it generates your very own font.  I have even have my signature , though I need to go figure out how to get that…hmmm.

I’m up to something like 162 entries in the drawing for the quilt…just 3 more hours until I close it and we draw!



  1. Deb says:

    When you figure out the signature let matt know, I think he doesn’t know either. Also, I know Matt did his twice and pick and chose which letters he liked best or something, you will have to ask him about it, maybe you could get the U where you like it. Yours turned out GREAT. Both you and Matt have cool handwriting.

  2. Marianne Nesse says:

    What a wonderful gadget! I can see my labels printed on Bubble Jet Set treated fabric taking on a whole new personal image :o)

    There is a bigger square at the bottom right side of the first page for a signature. Good luck!

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