We have good mornings, too

Lest you think all I do is complain, my boys have managed, for the last several mornings, to make it out of the house with all of their belongings, on time, with no yelling on my part. Phew.   When we do have a good mornings, I try to remind the boys how much more pleasant the experience is for everyone, and while they grin and nod, I don’t know that they completely get it.

They really are very good kids, and I wanted to make sure I say that occasionally.  And yes, I say it to THEM too.

On a completely unrelated note:  I was getting dressed this morning and I grabbed a shirt that I’ve had for several years.  It’s knit, long-sleeved, with some stretch to it.  It’s nice and soft, except for this one spot on a shoulder seam that always irritates my neck when I wear it.  When I examine the seam, I can’t SEE anything that might cause irritation, nor can I actually feel it with my fingers.  I stuck it on, thinking, as I do every time I have worn it in the past, that the irritation must be in my head and I am not going to let this shirt get the best of me.

It only took about a minute before I could feel it, and I pulled the shirt back off.

My question is this:  why do I even still OWN that shirt?  Why have I put up with that irritation for so many years?  It’s not a fancy designer shirt or anything, and I was noticing this morning that it has some bleached out spots along the bottom hem.  If I had left it on, I would have been annoyed by that shoulder seam all day long.

What stupid irritations do you ahv ein your life that you have control over that you could get rid of?  And what are you going to do about them?

Mine is in the trash.