Which is which

Aren’t they adorable?

Oh wait.  You aren’t supposed to call football players adorable, are you?

Well, I think they are pretty scrumptious.  And even *I* might have trouble knowing which was which if I didn’t know their numbers.  (Of course, I’m their Mom, and yes, even if they didn’t have numbers, I’d know.  But only because their faces are in the pictures.  From far away or behind, all bets are off.)

I’m feeling the need for a contest here.  NO particular reason.  Just because.

To enter?  Post your guess as to which kid is which.  Even if you really have no clue, just post a random guess.  One is named Joe, the other is Will.  You can identify them in your comment by number.  (In case you can’t read their shirts, 52 is on the left, 54 on the right).

No fair guessing if you are related and know which one is which number.  I guess if you are related and you DON’T know, it’s fair for you to guess, but I’m not promising I’ll enter you in the prize drawing.

Entries will be accepted until Friday at 5PM CST.  Entry to be drawn at random.  Prize to be determined, either something quilty, yarn-y, or…something else if you don’t quilt or like yarn.  And you are welcome to invite your friends to guess, too.  Or not, if you think it’ll improve your chances of winning.



edited October 3, 2008: the contest is now closed, you can read the answer in this post. Thanks for playing along!

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  1. Kathy N says:

    I think Will is 54 and Joe is 52. Or the average of Joe and Will is 53, but then you’ll have to call them Jill or Woe. I even went back through 6 months of posts looking for something, ANYTHING that would help tell them apart. They are significantly different in face shape.

    Yes, I am a teacher. I spend all year trying to remember kids’ names. I had one set of identical twins one year who I would watch come into the room, see where they sat, and memorize the hair style (they were girls) so I would know who was who.

  2. AllenQuilts says:

    I’m voting Will #52, Joe #54…my son was #52 while he played football. He was the starting center 7th & 8th grade, but gave it all up for golf when he was a freshman.

  3. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    I know, but I’m not telling.
    I saw them on TV this morning! The local weatherman went to their school yesterday. Thank goodness they were right in the middle of the photo with a tall girl in-between or I would have missed them.

  4. carie says:

    What little stud-muffins! My guess is Will-54, Joe-52. You’re going to be in big trouble when they hit puberty! So handsome.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Joe-52 and Will-54 and yes they are adorable. My cousin has a set of identical twins and could only tell them apart when they were little because one of them had a small mole on his ear. 🙂

  6. Mary says:

    I cheated too trying to confirm my initial guess – I searched your blog.

    Will is 52 and Joe is 54 although I originally thought the opposite.

    The B9P looks gorgeous!

  7. Tina Chamberlain says:

    At first I thought Joe is on the left and Will on the right.

    Now I think it’s Will (52) on the left and Joe (54) on the right.

    You should be a proud momma!!

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