This sounds like something I’d do.

Last week I got a phone call from someone asking for some colors of yarn that I didn’t have in stock, but could order.

The yarn arrived and I called the number she had given me.

Turns out it was her cell phone and she had left it somewhere {i’m not clear if it was a store or a restaurant}.  The store employee I spoke to was hopeful that I was the owner of the cell phone and was very apologetic.  I wasn’t sure what to say!

Hopefully she’ll figure out where she left her phone soon, so that she and I can get in touch and she can get her yarn!  Or maybe she reads my blog and will call me so I can tell her where her phone is and that I have her Lanaloft yarn in Mulling Spice and Scottish Highland…

In other knitting news:

(That would be a finished PAIR of socks.  I’m pretty impressed with myself.  I think the key for me was that I stopped the first one and worked on the 2nd one for awhile, so that I wasn’t faced with an ENTIRE 2nd sock after this first sock was done).

And you now what this means, don’t you?

Yup, I have my next sock picked out.

Oh, and that’s the Mulling Spice and Scottish Hillside in the background…