Slowly losing my mind

Last week it was the safe deposit box key.


Ran out of bobbin thread.  Took out bobbin case and wandered into room where my bobbin winder is currently living.  Wind new bobbin.  Wander back to quilting machine room to start sewing again.

Except, I’ve lost the bobbin case.

Seriously.  I know that I went to and from without getting sidetracked, so it has to be in one of the two places, but I could NOT find it.

And man, if I can’t find that bobbin case I’m going to be so upset.  That’s my SWEET bobbin case that I’ve been using forever.  The tension on that thing is perfect.  I stick a new bobbin in, I tweak my top tension and away I go.

I have another bobbin case, but I’m scared to use it.  What if I don’t love it as much?  What if I have to fuss with the tension?

And see — that’s further proof that I’m slowly losing my mind, because who gets that attached to a bobbin case?  I mean honestly.


p.s.  Part of the reason I was so frantic to find the key last week (which I didn’t admit at the time) was the fact that I didn’t know where the OTHER key was, either.  So if this one was gone, it was going to be a really big deal to take care of at the bank.

Yesterday I find out that MARK had the other key and knew where it was the entire time.  My sanity is not always helped by the people I live with.  I think they are secretly sabotaging it.