Monday meanderings

I finished the quilt top I was talking about in Saturday’s post.  OnceI had the correct instructions, everything went swimmingly.  The new, correct cutting instructions called for pieces that were smaller than what I had already cut, so it wasn’t like I had to throw away (well, put in the scrap pile) that which I had already cut.

I took a SERIOUSLY bad picture of it, so I could get Mom’s opinion of it, but I’m not sharing that picture becasue it is embarassingly bad.  Terrible angle.  It makes the quilt look like I was drunk when I was piecing it.

I’m actually hoping to get it quilted tomorrow, and THEN I’ll share a picture of it.

Jan’s original comments on that post did bring up an interesting question about integrity, particularly when it comes to selling something that I knew had errors.  Before I spoke to the designer, my plan was to print out correction sheets to go with the copies I did have, and not make any plans to order any additional books.  I don’t know, though, if I would have told you who the designer was or not.

After speaking to the designer, I’m confident that I will be ordering more books, and I’ll be sure to tell you who it is when I show you the quilt.

In the larger scheme of things, though, it doesn’t seem like the quilt world is very open to honest reviews and critique of products, books and tools.  I’m sure that if I were to give my honest negative opinion about something, I’d have a lynch mob after me in about two minutes of people protesting that (a) I’m wrong about whatever it is that I don’t like and (b) that my reputation will be dashed to bits for daring to express a negative opinion about their favorite book/author/whatever.

You think I exaggerate.

OK, maybe I did a little.  It might take two hours.

In other news, I’m behind on telling you about the things I’ve been learning.  As part of this class I’m taking, I’m supposed to write in my journal each night:  one ordinary thing about the day and one extraordinary thing.  I quite like doing this, actually, it seems to be a good fit for me as a journaling prompt.  It puts the events of the day into a different light to try to capture just those two thoughts.  The point is to have some reminders of what ahppened each day to jog my memory at some future point when I do the more creative part of the class.

Without further ado:

September 6, 2008

I learned that having prompt personal attention to a customer service issue goes a long way towards smoothing my ruffled feathers.  A lesson I hope to continue to put to work in my own business.

September 7, 2008

I learned that I really do hate to shop for clothing.

Oh shoot.  I just remembered that I forgot to take pictures of my 2007 Journal Quilt that finally came home to me.

This blog is awfully boring without pictures.  Sorry ’bout that.

Tomorrow, promise.  Pinky swear, even.