Students in the color and design class at MQR are learning about color and making their own color wheels out of fabric.  I wish I had time to play along, but instead I’m processing photos of yarn.

99 photos of yarn to process, 99 photos of yarn….

I got a little bit punchy yesterday and realized that I could use some of my thumbnails to make my own color wheel.  Sort of.  It’s not really a wheel, per se, and some of the colors aren’t quite exactly the right….color…but it’s pretty close.

You’ve probably now got that song stuck in your head.  Apologies.  I don’t know what it is about my brain, but I nearly always have a song stuck.  I mention them on the blog occasionally, but I try not to do it too often, or no one would read my blog anymore.

Lately, it’s been really bad.  The boys have been saving for Guitar Hero III for their Wii.  After their birthday, they had more than enough so we took a trip to the bank (to deposit half the dough) and took the rest to the store.    The thing with Guitar Hero III is that you can’t just play the song once.  You have to play it, like, about 10 times.  Which is torture for a person who gets songs stuck in their head.  I had Hit Me with Your Best Shot rolling around for days.  Then it was Slow Ride.  For awhile yesterday, I had the theme song from the TV show Malcom in the Middle running through my head.  I don’t know where that one came from, as it’s not from the game.

And now, just writing about it, I’ve got Hit Me With Your Best Shot running again.  Time to turn on iTunes and see if I can get something different stuck.

And I’m sort of sorry for getting one or more of these songs stuck in YOUR head.  Sort of.  Sometimes I feel it necessary to share my pain.  Makes me feel a little bit better.