At least the sun is shining

The dogs have found the best spot in the house, don’t you think?


For those of you counting along at home, that would make 10 9 days this school year. They were only at school for 2 hours yesterday, but I’m pretty sure they get to count that as a full day.

(Edited later.  I thought it was 10 days, but my sister-in-law, the school board members, says it is only 9.  We were going to make up a day last week, but it snowed.  That means it didn’t really count for anything since we weren’t supposed to have school that day anyway.)


  1. michele says:

    Consider yourself lucky they don’t make you run homeschool to miss out on the days of learning the boys have had. (No offense to homeschoolers who choose to educate this way, I applaud you – I just could not do it). Seriously, do they tack extra days on to the end of the semester to catch up?

    What is a Snow Emergency? And how can you predict one at 5pm?

  2. Suzanne says:

    No, the dogs aren’t any friendlier. They just happen to be tolerating one another while sharing the patch of snow.

    The snow emergency I think means that people need to make sure their cars are off the streets so that the plows don’t plow into them.

    At this point, the roads are bad enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if we were at least delayed in the morning: it’s been blowing snow all day long and the roads are still icy. And the road crews are either out of salt or nearly out: so there is no salt left to melt what’s coating the roads, including our highways.


  3. Suzanne says:

    And yes, they’ll be tacking days on at the end of the school year. They are going to take away 2 days of our spring break (the weekend of Easter), and then the school year will extend into June.


  4. Tina Chamberlain says:

    Hey, you got sunshine!! What do the boys think of being home so much? Are they ready to go back to a routine? Or is that a stupid question!?!?!

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