Merry Christmas to me!

I’ve been debating about whether or not to post this yet, but heck, I’m so excited about my new artwork, I just can’t wait to share!

One of the blogs in my blog reader is Diane Duda, don’t remember now how I found her blog, but I just love seeing the new works of art she shares.  A week or so ago, some artwork showed up that called out my name.  Really loudly.  So, I asked her how much, and then I asked Mark if he would get it for me for Christmas.  (If he’d said no, I probably would have gotten it anyway, which shows you how loudly it was calling my name…)

The package with the 3 pieces of art showed up over the weekend, and I’m just thrilled with them!  I still need to figure out where to hang them, though.  The thing is that I should technically wait until I actually “get” them from Mark for Christmas….

And I’m sorry, but you are going to end up with an earworm here in a minute….


Whiskers on kittens….


Bright copper kettles….


It was the warm woolen mittens that sold me — she’s my favorite, but I love all 3.

(And in case you missed it, these are all girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes….)

My darling husband asked if he had to wrap them with brown paper and string.  Isn’t he sweet?

If you want to be reminded of the full lyrics, because they are now starting to swim around in your head, you can go here:  My Favorite Things.

Thank you to Diane for creating these gorgeous pieces of art (and for granting me permission to post the pictures), and thank you to Mark for buying them for my for Christmas.


p.s.  Diane’s blog has links to her Etsy and Ebay stores, and you should also check out her Flickr account to see what else she has created.  Her frogs are a stitch!


  1. Jan Thompson says:

    I love them! What size are they? I was listening to Christmas music all day today, so My Favorite Things came up several times!

  2. katelnorth says:

    Reminded of the lyrics? You mean, there are people out there who don’t know the whole song off by heart? 🙂 They are very sweet – I can see why you couldn’t resist.

  3. Patti says:

    Marvelous artwork – what a very special gift! That has always been one of my favorite songs. When freinds were doing a little roast for our youth group just before I graduated from highschool, they chose an appropriate song for each person. This is the song they chose for me. I’m not totally with it however – I would have missed the dresses and sashes if you’d not pointed them out.

  4. Kathryn L says:

    Darling! They remind me of the artwork from the little girl in France series, the “Madeline” books w/ Miss Clavel running full steam ahead down those long halls to the girls dorm – her habit trailing behind her! (Diane’s “Mittens” pic especially!).

    Diane could definitely do artwork for children’s books; she’s very gifted!

    Glad you scarfed them, Suzanne…or should we say ‘mittened’ them??…Well, it could catch on!… (:= ) Who says that scarves should have the market cornered on the act of acquiring?!!

    Signed: Patiently waiting until Monday (2/9) for news of ‘my’ quilt to arrive, ha! 😉

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