Christmas Journal — Day 11


Part of the challenge was to use an ornament hanger on the page. If you look closely, the ornament hanging off the “e” is on one of those pesky wire hangers. Digital, of course!

You can click on the picture to view it at Flickr, and you can view it in larger sizes there.  (That’s actually true of all of my  Christmas Journal pages).

The text reads:

Our tree is a sentimental tree.  Many of the ornaments are handmade by a variety of special people, my favorites, of course, are the ones made by Will and Joe.  There are ornaments from Mark’s childhood, and special ornaments that I grew up with, too.  Mark put the lights on, but the boys did the majority of the ornaments this year, even getting them up high with the help of a step stool.  I miss the smell of a real tree, but there are a number of reasons why our artificial tree makes sense.

The ornaments from left to right:

Preschool Santa by Joe (it’s actually a tracing of his hand, the tip of his hat is the thumb, the beard is attached to his fingers).

Radko Penguin (gift from my Mother to me, I think….)  I like penguins.  Penguins are cool.

Will as a snowman –preschool

Tagboard candle with pasta embellishments — made by Mark when he was little

Felt kitty and doggy, made by my mother-in-law — these are some of the newest ornaments on the tree.  The boys each got a dog, cat, and some other snowmen to go with some snowpeople she had made last year for them.  They are all marked with their names.  They have quite a collection of really cool handmade ornaments from Grandma E.

Once I got down to doing this page this afternoon it actually went quite quickly.  I guess I just needed to be in the right frame of mind for it!

Now, to do days 12 and 13!


Erica Hite — A Joyful Season
Designs by Laura — Custom fill chipboard alpha — simple
Font — Joyful Juliana
Atomic Cupcake — frame


  1. Lynn Douglass says:

    As we discussed ealier this evening, I have a new fancy, schmancy printer and some new software. I’m getting closer and closer to getting into this whole digital scrapbooking thing! Somebody stop me! LOL!

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