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Readers who have been with me since last January might recall a quilt I made as an entry into a competition sponsored by Unlimited Possibilities Magazine — you can see more about the quilt HERE (this was actually my second attempt, my first quilt can be seen HERE — I decided to keep it for myself and it is hanging on my studio wall…)

The quilts that were entered into this contest have been touring quilt shows around the country, and it is almost time for the second part of the project — an auction that will benefit the American Heart Association.

Mark your calendars for November 3, 2007! Here are the details of the auction:

“Have a Heart” Quilt Auction to benefit the American Heart Association
Presented by Unlimited Possibilities Magazine
Sponsored by
Meander Publishing, LLC
Machine Quilter’s Exposition (MQX)
Gammill Quilting Systems
Angel Threads Quilting

Quilts will be auctioned online at www.upquiltmag.com on NOVEMBER 3, 2007. Click Gallery to view all of the quilts!

The fact is, one in THREE women who die each year in the United States, die from some form of heart disease. More research, funds and
attention must be placed on this very serious health issue. We at Meander Publishing know that Quilters are the most generous people out
there. We offer you a chance to help.

The Rules:
*The auction will run from Saturday, November 3, 2007 10am EDT until Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 12am EST.
*To bid on a quilt, put your name, email, phone number and bid amount in the box under the quilt you are interested in and click submit.
*Quilt prices will be updated DAILY at 10:00 am EST.
*If you are the winning bidder, we will contact your for credit card or payment information.
*If the winning bidder cannot be verified within 24 HOURS, the second highest bidder will be contacted.
*Please allow 14 days after winner verification for delivery of the quilts.
*100% of the proceeds will go to the American Heart Association.

Please help us fight this staggering statistic. And pick up a wonderful quilt in the process!

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