A Grey Day

So yesterday I was going to nap, and do some stuff, and then nap some more, and then…more stuff…and….

Pretty much all I managed was the nap.

All day.  Headache, nausea, achy everywhere.

At a few points I was sure I was dying.

But that might have been because I was lying in my bed watching a Grey’s Anatomy marathon, which maybe isn’t the best of ideas for someone who doesn’t feel good.

I’m feeling marginally better today, but only marginally.

I think I might have to quit traveling, because it always seems to take me days to recover when I get back home.

Today looks to be another Grey Day — literally (as it is raining) — and I only have 2 more episodes of Season 3 to watch, so you know I’m going to have to fit those in.

I’m hopeful to accomplish more than I did yesterday, though.

And because I don’t want to leave you with just boring complaints, here’s a link to a blog that has the cutest artwork:  The Daily Dress. Adorable.  I keep thinking I’ve seen my favorite, and then she has a new dress posted the next day….awesome. The artist is Liz Tran — you can see more of her artwork at her website: http://www.liztran.com .  I love her style.

I had to laugh at my brother’s comment on yesterday’s post about how funny it was that I, a quilter, felt the need to buy other people’s unquilted tops.  I’ve resisted it in the past, but these just called my name.  It’s a sickness, David, a sickness.

Right now, by bed is calling my name.  Maybe I’ll have something more interesting to report on later, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.



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  1. Vicki W says:

    What a bummer. Come back from a quilting show all excited to make something and then to get knocked out with the crud. I hope you are feeling better soon! It’s not fair!

  2. Suzanne's mother (Mary Ann) says:

    DO NOT let your mother borrow season 3 of Grey until after the guests we’re expecting 1st weekend of October leave!!! I want to knock some sense into those young doctors, but their escapades are fascinating and don’t allow me to get anything approaching housework done (not that sock knitting isn’t worth all the time I put into it and not that lying on the couch isn’t worth it with a fractured ankle).

  3. Angela says:

    Ahhh — well, relax, enjoy, and there is some bug going around. My husband has it right now — and I’m just trying desperately NOT to get it!

  4. Karen S says:

    I too laugh at your brother’s comment, in a crazy way because I do it all the time. I just tell myself it is because I am a quilter, not a piecer.

  5. Jill says:

    Poor you and when the weather is grey it always makes you feel worse, have a sunny dream having cocktails by the sea.
    Drink mine as can’t drink with medication l am on,
    Jill xxxx

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