Survey of reading in America

One in four adults say they read no books at all in the past year, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll released Tuesday.

Wow. Just. Wow.

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  1. Tanya Brown says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty horrifying. I’ve seen that attitude reflected in TV shows such as “Sell This House” where the hostess, Tanya Memme, treats home owners like freaks when they have a bookcase or two of books. “Do you read all of these?” she’ll ask rather snottily. Duhhhh. What do you think, Tanya?

    It’s a good thing she’s never been to my place.

  2. Mom (Mary Ann) says:

    Don’t you get a kick out of people who say they have no time to read? Some of these are the same people who also say when shown a quilt you’ve made — how do you have time to make quilts? I know that Suzanne gets the questions from many — how do you find the time to make quilts, to raise a beautiful family, to read so many books, … I’d like to know just what “those people” do with their time. Do they spend too much time cleaning their houses? or watching their TVs? I’m serious, what do they do? I watch plenty of TV, WHILE I’m doing something else like knitting or quilting. You do what you want, you make the time to do what your heart desires. I know I’ve read somewhere that “Books are the Music of Life”. I couldn’t live without music or words or yarn or thread to stitch a happy life.

  3. Deb Levy says:

    Unfortunately, it dosen’t surprise me at all. My DIL is a 2nd grade teacher and the stories she tells about the lack of involvement of the parents is horrifying! Most of the children in her class said their Mom(or Dad) never reads to them. Can you imagine?

    Hope your fingers are feeling better, Suzanne. Enjoy your day tomorrow after the boys leave for school.

  4. Terri Watson says:

    I have heard that over and over in the library business. It is especially scary from an educational stand point. Reading is a different brain function than listening or watching. It requires effort and imagination. It is not “delivered on a platter” it is earned. You develope thinking skills from reading that you cannot develope any other way.

    The best moments of my library career were when some teenager would bring a book back to me and say “That was great! What else have you got?”

    These were kids who were brought to the library by their teachers and FORCED to choose a novel for class. They always wanted “skinny” books, but if I could find the right match for them………Wow! It was a great feeling!

    I actually get stressed when I don’t have at least two or three books waiting for me……….


  5. Patti Chartrand says:

    I will never understand people who have no love for reading. Reading opens so many worlds for us that we could never visit otherwise. Anytime at home that isn’t spent quilting is spent reading. They have no idea what is missing from their lives!

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