The writing on the fabric….

I should have mentioned in my previous post that the fabric with writing on it is a commercial print.   Here’s what it looked like before I started messing with it.


I’m not positive, but I think my Mom might have gotten it for me when she was either in San Francisco or New York City visiting my sister. 

It’s a Timeless Treasures print.  The selvedge says "DS 1023 ‘Optic’ by David Sweet"

I haven’t really known what to do with it until now.  I didn’t dislike it before, but now that I’m in the frame of mind of contemplating printing and dyeing on commercial fabric — this kind of thing has possibilities!

It’s also given me some ideas for creating my own fabric with text on it.  I know I’m not the first to think of it, so I’m not claiming brilliance or anything, but I look forward to experimenting!


  1. Mom says:

    This mom would be glad to go out on the road to buy fabric for anyone!!! I’d really like to visit Purl Soho in NYC for both the fabric and the yarn.

  2. gloria says:

    So i have some curtains and would like to write sayings and such on them, what type of fabric pens would you recomend? thanks

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