Taking stock

Around the new year, there were lots of blog posts in which people were listing their projects in various stages of completion.  I didn’t get around to doing it at the beginning of the month, and over the weekend I decided to take a look at what I’ve got.  I think I’m going to be sorry I did this.   It puts me in a pickle, which I’ll explain after the lists.

I’m going to experiment with this post.  I don’t want to clog up the main page of my blog with this whole list, so I’m going to try out the whole Post Introduction, followed by Extended Body option that TypePad offers.

I would appreciate some feedback on formatting a blog this way — will you actually click on the link to read the rest of this post, or do you find that that is more trouble than you are willing to exert in order to read my ramblings?


Thanks for clicking on the link to read the rest of this post.  I hope you find it worthwhile.

I’m sure some of you will laugh and think "Is that all?" and others of you will be horrified "You have HOW many projects underway?"

I have to admit that this isn’t even all of them. 

Without further ado:

Waiting for binding (some of these are partially bound and just need the handwork finished):

  1. Fourth of July Quilt
  2. Faceted Jewel
  3. Banners
  4. Poinsettia wallhanging

Waiting for some combination of finishing:

  1. Windmill flowers:  rest of crystals applied and binding
  2. Pinwheel flowers:  rest of applique and binding

Partially Quilted:

  1. Churn Dash Medallion
  2. Churn Dash in a Churn Dash
  3. Feathered Star
  4. Rose Wreath Applique
  5. Christmas BOM
  6. Round Robin
  7. Green BOM
  8. Mom’s Nine Patch
  9. Whirl-a-Jig
  10. Black/White/Red Irish Chain
  11. Rosewood Cottage
  12. Flag banner

Finished top, waiting to be quilted:

  1. Churn Dash and Checks
  2. Patriotic Irish Chain — QOV

Almost finished, waiting for applique to be finished:

  1. Snowman Columns
  2. Kansas Troubles Americana
  3. Snow crystals with poinsettias

In various stages of piecing or applique or just barely cut out:

  1. Peppermint Swirls
  2. Black/white pinwheels with pink/green applique
  3. Liberty Basket
  4. Garden magic
  5. Cathedral Window (Nadelstern)
  6. Patriotic Braid
  7. Four patch columns
  8. Wool applique Baltimore Album
  9. Super Mario
  10. Churn dash with wool applique
  11. Leaf spiral
  12. 50 Fabulous Paper-pieced stars
  13. Purple and blue rail fence

You’ll note that this does not even include the 12×12 journal quilts that I have yet to make this year, nor does it include the 5 remaining customer quilts I need to work on, or the 3 baby quilts that my Mom and I will be making for my cousins who are all having baby’s in the next 2 months.  Not to mention the service project quilts I’ve committed to working on this year….. 

My dilemma is what to do with all of these things.  Will I really want to finish them all?  Most of them are still things that I’m interested in working on, it’s just a matter of WHEN.  And when do I get to try all of this new stuff I want to do????

Part of the solution for trying new stuff is to work SMALL.  This is a struggle for me.  From way-back in my cross-stitching days, I’ve always been attracted to the BIG projects.  The complicated projects that take forever to do.

I am going to evaluate some of these as potential service quilts.  I’m also going to be very critical and see if some of them can be gifted to other quilters that might be interested in finishing them.    What I really need is more hours in the day, and more energy to get everything done that I want to do.

I do know that my closet of partially quilted quilts is getting way too jammed full.  It’s time to finish those up — so I can make way for new ones, right?



  1. debbi says:

    I really like the Extended Body option. It keeps the main page clean and you can add so much to the Extended Body option.

    You are very busy!

  2. Vicki says:

    I like that option. Although when I click through from my reader subscription it automatically expands the article. I get the click through option when I come in through the home page.

  3. Jeri says:

    Don’t feel bad – I just today was putting MY list of UFOs and PIGs – its as horrifyingly long as yours. I’ve got the same dilemma – when do I get to work on the new stuff??? I’ve got LOTS of sets of blocks from several years ago (when I was an active block swapper on a forum) and several of these will find new life as charity quilts. But gosh, what was I thinkin’? 🙂

  4. Heidi says:

    Hmmm, perhaps I should take stock of what’s in the closet as well. I certainly don’t have as many projects as you do, but putting all the ducks in a row may help me make some sort of plan to get them finished…ahem…….!
    So far your plans for getting through the list sounds good. I for one have decided not to start anything new, and finish what already started. This is also give me less excuses to buy more fabric, but if it’ll stop me? Stay tuned….

  5. Tina says:

    I clicked to read more! I noticed that you mentioned a closet for storage. Do you have a method to the madness? Any storage tips would be appreciated!

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