Debra’s Birthday Gift(s)

My sister turned 30 a week before Christmas.  I mentioned it at the time.  I’m finally now able to post about her gift from my MOm and I, as it finally got opened.  I sent the box Priority, but it didn’t arrive until the day after she and her family left for their Christmas vacation.  Luckily, they had a neighbor looking for it, so it was kept safe until her return.

On her birthday, my Mom sent her flowers at work — the card said "Gift 1 of 30."

Yup.  We sent her 30 presents.

Here’s a picture of the 29 presents we wrapped and mailed to her in all of their wrapped glory:


Some were silly (a bustier purse), some were scrounged from around our houses (a tin for candy), some were really nice (a framed picture of her son), some were antique (well, old anyway — my Mom sent her the really old Cooky Book that she used to use when we were kids).  Some were practical (tissues, lotion, batteries, etc…), some were just for fun (crayons and a pad of paper, a book about Marshmallow Peeps). 

Some were handmade — an embroidered dishtowel that my mom had made, and a postcard that I made for her. 


She loves sunflowers, so I made one with 30 sunflower petals and her initial.  I wish I had stitched around the edge of the letter to make it stand out better — live and learn, I guess.  She got a little sack with 30 pennies in it, and several things had 30 pieces of candy in them.  We had fun putting it together for her, and I think she had fun opening it and contemplating all of her goodies.



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