Vote for us! Please?

I don’t ordinarily do this sort of thing, but I’m figuring that if it annoys you, you can just ignore it, and if you are willing to help, you’ll take two seconds to click a few buttons.

In July of 2010 we had an epic family vacation: two weeks of adventures that took us through Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (and then back home through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri). As I look back through the blog, I see that I never got further than posting about the very first part of the trip, through Rocky Mountain National Park.

Which is too bad, because the days after that were really amazing: we had splurged on an adventure with a company called Western River Expeditions. We got to visit Arches National Park, take an off-road Hummer Safari, and then spent 2 days rafting on the Colorado River, which included camping overnight under the stars.

It was totally worth every penny, and we had talked about making plans to do another, longer trip this past summer. Only, life intervened, and our vacation plans had to go by the wayside…

I still get e-mails from Western River Expeditions, and the most recent was an invitation to join a contest to try to win a trip: It’s a photo contest, and the person with the most votes WINS.

We are all over this. At least, I hope, that with YOUR help, we are…

I mean, look at these guys:

Who wouldn’t want to vote for them???

The contest is on Facebook, so if you don’t “do” Facebook — you’ll have to sit this one out.

Here’s the link:

Vote for the Earleys

Thanks in advance for your vote…if we win, I promise we’ll share lots of pictures…

p.s. Yes, the prize is for two, don’t worry, if we win, we’ve already promised the boys we’d pay to bring them along with us…

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