Mitten weather

Last winter I made myself a new hat and scarf, but I never got around to making mittens. I’m not sure why I decided that this was the day to start making mittens, but my mind is a mystery, even to me sometimes. (The pattern is called Green Thumb.  It’s obviously knitting up really quickly, considering I just started it this morning. The pattern is for fingerless handwarmers, but I’m going to keep going and make full mittens).

Mark and Mom are both sneezing and coughing and generally being miserable, and last night, I had the beginnings of a sore throat:  I figured it was my turn, so I spent the day doing as little as possible, and I’m hoping maybe I scared the cold away by doing so.

In this context, “as little as possible” should be translated as knitting, reading and watching episodes of Warehouse 13.

We also watched a movie that I had found on Netflix: Stone of Destiny. I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t a big, huge action movie, but it was a funny, and there was some history, and well, we were entertained, and everybody stayed awake, so that’s something, at any rate.

In my continued quest to avoid getting sick, I’m now going to go to bed early.



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  1. Mary Ann says:

    I think you should make a pair of these for every female on your Christmas list. They’re obviously quick and pretty and would be liked by all

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