Counting Down: 26 Days

26 Days until I Race for the Cure. (I still have a long way to go on my fundraising goal, if you can help, here’s my personal fundraising page. If you CAN help, I’ll be eternally grateful).

Today’s run/walk: 1.89 miles, .73 running. I think that a month ago, in addition to it being too hot, I was running too fast, pushing too hard, gasping for breath while my heart pounded it’s way out of my chest.

I certainly didn’t FEEL fast, but I wasn’t sure I could go any slower and not have to just revert to walking. Now, I’m concentrating on my feet, trying not to let my heel strike, and I’m going much slower — consequently, my perceived exertion as far as heart/lungs: much, much lower. I could have carried on a conversation today, which I wouldn’t have been able to do even just a few days ago.

Now, if I could convince my legs that things are better, we’d be golden.

Speaking of legs, or rather feet: wpid-IMG_0984-2010-09-27-12-34.jpg
I finished my watermelon socks last night. I love this pattern, it’s called Cabletini and can be found on, under her free patterns. The yarn is Zauberball. I’ve had them on all morning, and my feet are quite magically happy today.**

Do you think I could get away with walking around with my pants rolled up?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I did start a new pair of socks (well, restarted, I think I’m on the 3rd try for the toe on this new pair. Sheesh), but I also got this great idea that I need to make Mark a scarf for Christmas, so I started that this morning, too. Shh, don’t tell him.

And now, I need to get some quilting done. In addition to falling off the exercise wagon, I ran into a brick wall known as a quilting block, and I’ve only just gotten through that (it was a customer quilt, I let it take too long, I made it harder than it needed to be, and every time I touched it, it was like I didn’t know what I was doing. It was ridiculous. I did finally finish it last Friday, so now….I should be quilting every minute of the day to catch up on my backlog. Sheesh, again.)

Happy Monday!

**Zauber is German for “magic”


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