I went away, and then I came back

I bet you didn’t even know I was gone!  You know, in theory I like the idea of traveling, and I was thrilled to spend time with my sister and her family, but Oof.  I’m hoping that by tomorrow I’ll be recovered and ready to be productive.

The trip was sort of last minute — my mom talked me into driving to Michigan with her for the weekend, my sister is at her in-laws for the week.  (Well, and so is her husband and their two kids).  Now, when the Earleys go on a long driving trip, Mark does 99% of the driving, so I get to knit, read, snooze, etc. to my heart’s content.  My Mom didn’t seem to want to drive the entire way, so I had to drive some, too.

Neither one of us got as much knitting done during the weekend as we would have liked.

Let me rephrase:  we knit a LOT, but neither of us knit particularly WELL:  I’m on my FOURTH try to do the heel on this sock.  If I added up all of the knitting I’ve done, I’m pretty sure this sock would be done, and I would have started its mate.  As it is, I’m about ready to turn the heel (again, sigh), and then we’ll see if I’ve got it the right size, and without holes at the ankles this time.

This yarn cost a lot of moola, and I want to get these RIGHT, and not just settle for OK-ish.

(I should clarify about Mom’s knitting:  she spent some time working on the sleeve of a sweater, and I think that went fine, but the sock she tried working on got ripped out and restarted…um…3 times?)

The boys are off at football practice (OMG it is so hot and HUMID out there, I do not envy them. at. all.  They will come home soaked, and not just because they dunk under the pump…).  I really ought to be doing something productive, but all I really want to do is read a book on my new Nook.

Sorry, for my Facebook friends, but…I can’t stop…

Look!  I’m reading a Book on my Nook!


  1. Mary Ann says:

    no need to sugarcoat my lack of knitting progress. When will I realize that I need complete concentration to do lace knitting, preferably in my chair in front of the TV and even then… And notice how often I have started lace socks and ended up doing plain stockinette or garter rib. When I’m away from my chair at home I need to stick to mindless knitting

    thank you again for going with me, for letting me talk you into it.

  2. Kathy E. says:

    This sock pattern looks tricky… I’m just trying my first “patterned” sock, a very simple design, and have had to do some ripping. BUMMER! I just lose attention span in the middle of the row and stick with one stitch. Perhaps by the time I FINISH these socks I’ll have the hang of it. And BTW… Dr. Seuss would be SOOOO proud of your closing line! Sorry, the former elementary teacher in me just could not resist.


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