June 20, Right Now

I’ve been staring at the computer for awhile wondering what to post about.  I had this clever idea that I was going to share a music playlist to document the kind of stuff I’m listening to lately, but apparently that’s not something a  person can just make happen instantaneously through iTunes, you actually have to WAIT for them to process you iMix.

Wait?  Unheard of in this day and age.


So, plan B.  Ramble about what has to happen/will be happening in the next 2 weeks before I can climb in a car and sleep all the way to Nebraska.

  1. 10 days of swimming lessons.  Boys are super thrilled about this one.
  2. Minimum of 14 baseball games to watch.  The boys will play in 9 of those.  I think.  If I can count properly.
  3. One more day of summer band lessons.  Damn, forgot to make them practice this weekend.
  4. Shop for remaining supplies for 2 week vacation.
  5. Pack for said 2 week vacation.
  6. Shop for birthday presents for 11 year old boys.
  7. Plan birthday party.
  8. Have birthday party.
  9. Attend family reunion.
  10. Figure out what I’m taking to family reunion.  Cook it.  Preferably before the family reunion actually occurs, I guess.
  11. Turn 38.
  12. Keep everyone fed. And good lord, can they eat.
  13. Keep everyone’s clothes clean.  And get their clothes dirty.  And sweaty.
  14. Catch up on bookkeeping.
  15. Finish customer quilt on frame.
  16. Get at least 1 if not 2 more customer quilts done.
  17. Exercise every day.   Because holy crap, it’s actually making a difference, and there’s no way I’m stopping now.
  18. Get haircut.
  19. Not go crazy.
  20. Think of something else so that this can actually be 20 items long, because only 19 would drive me crazy.

The Earley Summer Vacation Extravaganza 2010 is going to ROCK.  And it’s part of why I started exercising 2 months ago…we are heading west and are visiting several national parks, and going to be a LOT more active on this vacation than previous vacations.  We’re booked for a hiking/rafting trip in Utah — hiking in Arches National Park, rafting on the Colorado River (plus spending a night camping on the river!! OMG!), before that we’ll visit Rocky Mountain National Park, and then we’ll head for the Grand Canyon, then back east through Arizona and New Mexico, into Texas to go to the Palo Duro Canyon, then back north.

Well.  I guess I’d better go get some beauty sleep so I can tackle various parts of this list tomorrow.

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  1. Terri says:

    Okay…I am exhausted now…I am going back to bed….geeze, woman!

    I am also envious of your fantastic hiking trip! I hope you take tons of pics to share!


  2. Dara says:

    I know! I know! Make #20 Learn to ride a donkey!! Then you can ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!! Never done it myself, but heard it is an awesome experience. Bet the boys would love it!!

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