June 18, Where did 20 years go?

I don’t know why I remember this, but I graduated from high school on June 18, 1990.  That would be 20 years ago today.

Graduation was outside, but I’m pretty sure it was drizzly.  Out of the 200 some odd graduates, I was one of the very last that actually got my diploma.  I only graduated with plain honors, not highest honors, so I was just in with the crowd.

I didn’t think to ask Mom to look for pictures before about 3 hours ago, so we are making do with one that she had on bookshelf.  This was from my senior portrait session, which was actually the summer before, but still.

Dudes, what was with that cheesy smile?

We also found another gem, my senior prom portrait, which I think was some time in the spring of 1990?  I think?

I still have that dress hanging in my closet.  Mom made it.  She made me and my sister a lot of clothes — I’m pretty sure she made the dress that I wore to graduation.  It was light pink and drop waisted.

Sometimes I can’t remember why I walked from one room to another, but I can remember what I wore, the date of graduation and the fact that it was a Thursday.

Joe informed me that 20 years meant I was officially old.

In some ways it does make me feel old, but I can also see how it’s all relative.  I’m exactly the same age that my Mom was when I graduated.  At that time, I was pretty sure she and my Dad were awfully old, but…I know I’m not THAT old.  I’m sure in another 20 years I’ll be thinking that anyone who’s “only” 37 is still just a baby.

Maybe I’ll have a completely different perspective next week when I turn 38.

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    I took another look for the senior picture, but no luck yet. I’m quite dismayed that I can’t seem to find my photo albums, only my mother’s and assorted piles. They’ve gotta be around here some place!

  2. Michele T says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    I have been clinging to saying I am in my mid-thirties for a bit now. Turning 38 too, methinks it is time to kinda say late 30’s now. Maybe that will help the mental transition to being 40 in a couple of years.

    Maybe not.



  3. Carol Kimble says:

    Yes – 37 is just a mere babe. Just had to comment – in those pics from 20 years ago I can see a young “Marilyn Monroe” – beautiful girl. The next 20 will fly by like a fast roller coaster – enjoy!

  4. Christine Olson says:

    OMG! Too funny. I thought the same thing when looking at the first picture…early Marilyn Monroe!

    I stopped dead in my tracks the other day when I realized it’s been 35 years since my high school graduation! Oh well, it’s been 50 since my husband’s, so it’s true…it’s all relative!

    (In my mind, I can still disco dance! ROFLOL!) If nothing else, your boys will keep you young! 😉

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