June 11, Cheating

I’m going to totally be a Cheatie McCheaterpants today, and not take my own picture:  I’m going to follow on from yesterday’s posts of my Grandma in her wedding dress, and show you mine:

Unfortunately, none of what I did try to photograph or scan my photos worked very well, so you’ll have to excuse the blurriness.

First off, I have to point out that Mark and Jim:  neither one have that much hair anymore.  They both shave it all almost completely off thanks to receding hairlines.  Poor guys.

Second, dudes.  Look at how skinny I was.  I don’t expect I’ll ever be that skinny again, but dang.

Third, Anne and Jim went to high school together.  I roomed with Anne, Mark with Jim during our senior year:  they are the ones that set us up on our blind date, lo, these many years ago.

We still get together with Jim and his wife, I haven’t seen Anne in years, but I think we are Facebook friends.

In nearly all of the photographs, the photographer had me hold my flowers right where they are above, which…doesn’t show off the dress AT ALL.  Darn.

The only picture in which you can see the dress is this one, which is hysterical, only it didn’t scan well, so you get kind of a blurry impression of the dress, and well, everyone really, I guess.  Mostly, though, you have to laugh at Mark and the girls.  The one in back is my sister.  Chris was another college roommate.

My mom made the bridesmaid’s dresses.

And for completeness, we have to include this shot:

That would be my brother in the background hiding his face in shame.  And in case you can’t tell, the guys are all handing Mark money.

Quilt content TOMORROW.  Promise.

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  1. Vicki W says:

    I remember when I first met you and yo seemed like a giant to me (tall, not wide). Now I see how much taller Mark is than you. That would officially make me a midget!

  2. Cynthia says:

    What wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing both your Grandmother’s and yours. Do not dispair on the weight. You look fine the way you are.


  3. Robin says:

    Hey Suzanne,

    I remember your wedding day – it was a beautiful one! Hard to believe it’s been so many years ago.


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